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Client: TUI

Typeface Name: Ambit

Ambit in use for TUI, the largest leisure, travel and tourism company in the world. Designed by the wondeful team at Design Studio, London.

Design Studio writes:⁠

We helped TUI bring their new purpose to life – ‘to create the moments that make life richer’ – re-imagining their core assets to move beyond the static smile and create a brand that feels alive, bringing that positive energy holistically everywhere it goes.⁠

We developed a complete design system for marketing, from OOH, to online banners, and TVC end-frames that expresses the smile in different ways, introducing a radiant effect that ripples across the brand.⁠

We refreshed TUI’s colour palette to be simpler and more vibrant on screen, and introduced a new typeface to reflect their unique personality.⁠

Inspired by the bold curves found in the TUI smile, we developed a fun and friendly illustration style that informed the graphic language, motion and UI elements.⁠

With a complementary tone of voice and art direction that inspires joy, wonder and excitement, the brand has all the tools to surface rich, personal moments unique to each experience.⁠

The outcome feels fun, flexible and digitally friendly. In the process, we managed to bottle up TUI’s positive energy which has always been a key part of their success.⁠

Their new identity is being rolled out globally ensuring consistency in all markets, from marketing campaigns, to online platforms, apps and more.⁠