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Client: Alipay+

Typeface Name: Aeonik Pro

Aeonik Pro in use for Alipay+, the world’s largest digital payments platform. Designed by the wondeful team at Design Studio.

Design Studio writes:⁠

Alipay+ needed a brand that would engage consumers and merchants, stand out in crowded digital and physical POS environments and ultimately bring together dozens of local e-wallets and financial institutions.

Working closely with the Global Head of Brand for Ant Group, we developed the brand strategy framework and subsequent design system for Alipay+.

The brand system builds on a visual analogy of a key product truth – the bringing together of dozens of previously disconnected digital wallets. A contemporary palette and warm tone of voice helps the brand feel approachable and trustworthy. The motion and 3D assets add charm and personality as the brand comes to life in both online and offline spaces.